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Submitted by AnkaL on Mon, 2012-05-07 12:07

I'd like add on trustmarks which are used on websites to increase sales. We all need some regulation in this area.
EU has so many different nations speaking different languages, countries have different regulations... It makes it harder when we try to establish one well functioning Digital Single Market.
When I try to buy on different webstores in EU I usually put a lot of effort to find whether the webstore is "real" or phishing. Then I try to find any additional info which would help me to decide whether I should give my credit card details away or not...
I might abandon purchase if I feel that I'm not totally sure it's safe. Sometimes, when the cost is not so big, I go through although I don't feel totally safe.

Trustmarks are made to convince us in such cases. That we are safe, that our data will be processed as the privacy policy says, that the merchandise is good... whatever.
BUT. Trustmarks are often just a pictures and are copy-pasted on fraudulent websites...

What are the DA12 expectations - maybe an EU trustmark?

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Submitted by kpieti on Tue, 2012-05-08 09:53

Thanks for starting this discussion. The European Commission has set a target of creating a stakeholder platform for EU online trustmarks, notably for retail websites. The platform should be operational from the beginning of 2013.

In order to assess the tasks and role of the platform the Commission has launched a study on European online trustmarks in e-commerce. The preliminary findings of the study will be uploaded to this forum soon. We would welcome your views on trustmark policy on this forum.

These will be further debated at the Digital Agenda Assembly in Brussels on June 21-22. The moderator of the discussion forum will choose the contributors with the most valuable inputs to the discussion to be invited to workshop either as a speaker or a panellist. Your comments will also feed into the review of the Digital Agenda, which will be published next autumn.

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Submitted by griff on Tue, 2012-05-15 14:45

There seem to be two sides to the trustmark question.

The first is the "is this a real shop" side where a trustmark shows the merchant to be a real and legal vendor. Here the question is of the security of the trustmark and the potential for criminals to bypass and/or use false trustmarks.

The second side is the wider significance of trustmarks, i.e. the use of trustmarks to label value added services that merchants might offer such as guarantees, extended return periods, method of return, express delivery options, breadth of payment methods, and so forth. The standardisation of such trust marks features across Europe with a working feedback/complaints framework would also make citizens feel more comfortable dealing with unknown merchants.

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Submitted by AnkaL on Mon, 2012-05-28 12:12

Considering trustmarks in European e-commerce I see two possible directions.

The first one is to establish strong, content rich trustmark for commercial EU websites. A trustworthy and known entity(es) should stand behind them.
The second option looks much easier for EC. It is to just leave trustmarks to the market. But by doing that, EU has to ensure that this trustmarks are:
- in compliance with legislation
- well protected, so they really serve to what they're ment (to build and enhance trust to only those who meet the criterion)

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