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Startup Europe Partnership

Based on Startup America idea, the Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) is an online platform where young startups will get access to resources, connections and expertise. SEP will also provide support to the development and networking of web entrepreneurs within regions/hubs across Europe with special focus on the Member States with higher unemployment youth rates. The focus is on web entrepreneurs because any unemployed youngster with a laptop can become a web entrepreneur, grow and create jobs provided that they receive the adequate support in terms of expertise, services, talent, customers and capital.

The partners, private organisations, will offer free resources for the entrepreneurs in six key areas:

  1. Expertise: connect web entrepreneurs with mentors and accelerators
  2. Services: Provide web entrepreneurs with access to critical services at reduced costs. For instance: Google Adwords, Intuit payroll services and Salesforce technology.
  3. Talent: Assist web entrepreneurs in recruiting, training and retaining the people that can help them grow
  4. Customers: Help web entrepreneurs through acquisition of new customers and expansion into new markets
  5. Capital: Highlight sources of capital available to web entrepreneurs in various regions and sectors
  6. Internship. Unemployed youngsters who do not want to become web entrepreneur might get internship experiences within the partners participating in the partnership or with the web entrepreneurs themselves.
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