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Seeking ICT Champions: Collecting inspiring initiatives on ICT-based job creation

ICT is a fundamental resource and platform for creating new jobs. The ICT sector is one of the fastest growing of the economy, and the competitiveness of EU companies rely on the capacity to embrace the power of new technologies. For this reason, the employment package approved on April 18th, by the EC gives strong priority to digital technologies. In particular, it aims at creating a stakeholders’ partnership to accelerate and facilitate the process of new jobs creation through higher investment in skills to address the skills mismatches in Europe’s labour markets, as well as better anticipation of skills needs.

In this online space, we seek to collect the maximum number of concrete and inspiring ICT-based initiatives that are creating jobs.

Act now!

  1. Add your initiative as a comment below
  2. Discuss and vote (through the interesting button) the proposed initiatives
  3. What’s in it for me? The most voted initiatives will be presented at the Digital Agenda
    Assembly, and taken into account for the next policy action related to
    the stakeholders partnership

The most voted initiatives will be presented at the Digital Agenda Assembly, and taken into account for the next policy action related to the stakeholders partnership
So go ahead, showcase how YOU are creating jobs through ICT, or which initiatives YOU believe should be replicated and encouraged at EU level.


stylianosm's picture
Submitted by stylianosm on Fri, 2012-06-01 16:59

Library Development Program was designed to help Poland’s public libraries provide access to computers, the Internet, and training. It is a result of the partnership between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation. The Program’s goal is to equalize opportunities of the underserved living in rural areas and small towns enabling them to participate fully in the economy, education, culture, social relationships and community life by revitalizing local libraries; this will improve peoples’ lives, increase quality of human/social capital, local development and modernization of Poland. Since 2009 the Program has been providing support for more than 3,300 local public libraries from more than 1,100 small towns and villages, transforming the libraries to modern, multi-functional information, cultural and education centers stimulating civic involvement. The Program includes: library staff training and educational activities (more than 3,000 participants so far), hardware and software delivery for libraries (more than 2,700 PCs, more than 3,000 pieces of other hardware, e.g. laptops, multifunctional devices, projectors), small grants (for more than 150 libraries so far), capacity building of the library system (training, grants etc. for the National Library, provincial public libraries, Polish Librarians’ Association) as well as various advocacy and outreach activities (including the portal run by the FRSI or the annual convening for more than 500 librarians). In the previous 12 months the libraries participating in the Program first round were visited by 1,500,000 library users, and more than 400,000 used the computers in these libraries (the second round is being implemented now).

More information:

arturserra's picture
Submitted by arturserra on Thu, 2012-06-07 10:35

At Citilab in Barcelona, we have explored a new iniciative called Laborlab. The goal: helping young unemployed to invent their own job. Instead of the traditional policies of "writing-curriculums-for-finding-jobs" our hipothesis is "inventing-your-own-job-throug-setting-a-project". We gather different young people from different skills, including IT, and we train them in PBL, project based learning trying to find a need or a problem in their community (companies, local government, schools, ...) and writing and developing a project for solving it. And it worked.
Here you have some information,
We have even develop a simulator of new jobs/professions called it Job Generator,

larry's picture
Submitted by larry on Thu, 2012-06-14 02:53

Congratulations on this excellent initiative, Artur! I work for an NGO, the European Young Innovators Forum, whose mission is precisely to encourage young people to turn their ideas into projects and businesses, and thereby create their own jobs.

(By the way, did we not meet many years ago in Barcelona at a conference you hosted for the European Association of Community Networking?)

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Submitted by JacintaArcadia on Thu, 2012-06-07 12:51

My creation of Online Business VonPrussia, has now officially been accepted into discussions by USA Government Silicon Valley Branch of the EXIM Bank on behalf of all Exporting Content Creators & Innovators, who deserve Export Finance & Insurance.

At first look, you will quickly assume this is not a miraculous feat, but it is! For me professionally, it has taken 8 years to achieve the open discussions! And for the Economic climate to be ready to recognise SMEs who generate world changing technologies and prolific scope and range of exportable services and products!

What this means for all Content Creators, Innovators, Software & Patent Engineering Individuals, and their products and inventions, they will be able to attract Buyers' Finance Internationally and have total safety measures protecting their Online Deals and Pre-Payments and full insurances on Deals!

How my Patent, Business and Business Development changes the Digital Foundations for increasing Trade ethical revenues for all parties connected to Exporting Digital Items & Content, and overall employment blossoming around the New Framework!

If an Artists sells 200,000 Art Images to International Customers, her professional income can self-investment & receive bookings to Exhibit Internationally - which employs more Venues, staff and attracts new audiences! If a Ballet Performer, can no longer be employed as a Soloist, he can sell his talents for speaking engagements, just like the Retiired Opera Singer, Engineer, Writer, etc;

There are more possibilities to bring Artists and Scientists together for Smart Future Projects Online and in person, for new Industries & Old such a s The Future Home, Work Environment and Nature Projects which require Rejuvenation & Regeneration not just investment.

VonPrussia estimates the Patent Pending and future roll-out of operational ideas online, will have a future in being Replicated into problem areas such as Economic Crisis, which currently cannot un-think or unwind the re-occurring errors, namely human error-based flaws functioning alongside unwinnable profit-ranges!

VonPrussia Content Creators are estimated to be numbered in the 10s of Millions and their Income & Export Revenue back to their homeland Country is easily estimated in 100s Billions of euro! Government Export Agencies must learn to sell and export their Human Talents!

This new flux of income and GDP Indexing the true value of New Digital Products, Services and Goods, and Commoditisation of Art and Software by the OECD and such World Organisations, frees up the little products and SMEs to Corporate Structures to sell professionally little creations which sell in the Millions and cross all Trade Borders legally and ethically!

Then allowing, incomes to be paid electronically, opens legitimate businesses and content owners to achieve results without stealth of their product online in frauduent downloads and Communications Industries pretending they didnt earn money from that download!

If the VonPrussia model is accepted here in Europe, all Art and Content and Inventions will be registered on an EU Standard of Protection! And if Investment comes from Silicon Valley and USA, then it truly is an International Invention, a true Universal Agreement!

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With this offer I include my Digital Guardianship Creation and promise you, this System will protect all new thinkers and new software and engineers and scientists and naturalists to come together have their work sit beside each other and all parties are paid for their works by audiences around the world - stimulating new relationships, and new ways to condusct business and invent the NEW WAYS to care for World Change!

New Job Creations and New Digital Job Creation is estimated to be in the Millions and total Income of unlocking and harnessing the powers of Human Resources and Talent is valued in the Trillions for future generations.

But if you take away Banks of Old and give us New Banks, a Bank for New Businesses Only, another New Bank for House Mortgages only, a New Bank for Saving and a totally New Bank for Wealth Preservation & Growth - stop the problem of allowing Banks to chose who to invest in, my Business right now would prefer Governments to act as a Bank and stop giving it to failed Banking who can be proven with Digital and Data Forensic Evidential Investigation where the Money really has gone! USe The Swedish Taxation System Reporting and make it Public where the money has gone! Show us the true Annual Report and I will show you why there is no new Job Creation!

This week I also learned, there is no Bank for Patent Registration Financing, and the Old Banks cannot take this seriously!
Export Agencies around the world act the same, act impervious and ignore requests to purchase their Talents and Content Creators, this week alone my Business approached 10 Countries offering to Buy 1 Million Content Ctreators each and 1 Million items of Content each Country, the only Country to take me seriously, was the USA!

If the EU and other Countries want to create Jobs and Entrepreneurs and New ICT skilled people, then your Banks right now will not help or invest in anyone trying! I could have already set up an ICT Roll-Out Team of 50 People between Berlin, Rotterdam and Gothenburg to Silicon Valley and Melbourne Australia, and we would have achieved employing a further 5,000 contractors to operate Touring, Filming, Recording, Merchandising, Management, Translators, etc; for International Audiences who Book Artists directly Online for Live Shows!

For me to give you this Idea and Business exhibit and PAtent and Model, it took me 44 years, self investment and not ONE EURO CENT FROM A BANK!

And for me to successfully operate into fruition, the only Bank willing to participate in talks is the USA EXIM BANK!

George Ryan's picture
Submitted by George Ryan on Wed, 2012-06-13 17:07

To promote an inclusive Smart Economy by creating a fast track to marketable technical skills for those at risk of unemployment long term.

It is Ireland's primary industry skills development initiative facilitating collaboration with government, education and training providers and disadvantaged communities to enable greater access to employment for marginalised job seekers.

Since 1999 over 11,000 unemployed people have completed FIT ICT training programmes and 8,500 got jobs.


- FIT understands the 'skills ecology' (OECD 2008) and works at the interface between skills demand from employers and public training provision.

- FIT is a not-for-profit company which uniquely brings leadership from the ICT industry (20 global leading companies) to collaborate with communities, Government and its agencies.

- FIT looks for the hidden talent in people. It does not judge people from their previous work history or existing qualifications, but instead helps them to see their potential and take the steps to build on their natural talent.

- FIT provides accces to market led ICT skills training combined with soft skills and offers a highly effective set of 'wrap around' supports which are designed to help participants make the journey from unemployment to jobs and careers.

- FIT was founded in 1999 and has refined its approach based on its experience over 13 years. Its founders also brought to the initiative over 20 years knowledge of tackling lon-term unemployment.


- Both Industry and Government invest in FIT and evaluate it's impact.

- The Industry Board (IBM, Microsoft, NTR, AOL, Accenture, Siemens, SAP, Sisk Healthcare, Lionbridge, Symantec, Version1, Skillport, Maxim, ICT Ireland, Welocalise, ATOS, Origin Enterprises, PayPal) meets quarterly and reviews performance as well as internal evaluations of impact. The FIT Board has expressed very strong satisfaction with the impact of the initiative and is planning for a scaling up of activities.


- The Government investment was evaluated by a Value for Money Review commissioned by the national training agency FAS in 2010/2011. The independent consultants found:

• The strategy of exploiting close links with industry to develop and deliver training that is relevant in a fast changing labour environment is sound and demonstrates a high degree of strategic effectiveness.

• FIT uses its contacts with industry to hone its training courses, to provide progression support and to obtain the use of products and services to maintain its programme.

• FIT has already overachieved on its plan for new course curricula development and is on target to meet its plan for update of existing curricula.

• The progression and placement objectives are being met. FIT comfortably overachieved its targets for both 2009 and 2010 for skills training in almost every area.

• 95% of respondents indicated that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the course attended.

• An essential characteristic of the programme is that a single organisation (FIT) provides a duplex channel to industry that is exploited by the participants on the FIT/VEC or FIT/FÁS courses delivered through FÁS and the VECs. It would not be possible for this channel to exist without a single organisation like FIT.

• A further justification of the allocation of public money to FIT is the horizontal nature of its objective across both social inclusion and labour policy areas.

• On the basis of the ten years from 2000 to 2009, the FIT costs accounted for just less that 5% of the overall cost per course participant. Put another way, the spending of an additional 5% enabled the marginalised job seekers to achieve employability on equal terms with the general unemployed population.

• It appears that the payback from achieving employment, for the total investment in the target group (Course fee, FIT support and allowances), is between 1 and 3.5 years.

and the main conclusion was:

• The original need for the allocation of public monies to the programme objectives remains

- FIT embraces EU initiatives. It is the national co-ordinator of Get Online Week and a member of Telecentre Europe. FIT and ICT Ireland jointly co-ordinate EU eSkills Week in Ireland.
- FIT is a leading innovator, in recent years co-ordinating over ten EU Lifelong Learning projects and acting as a partner in many others.
- FIT contributes to conferences and other European events aiming to share its experience and learn from others.


- FIT is committed to sharing its model and experience with other EU member states and civil society.

- FIT believes that the Digital Agenda Assembly 2012 and the leadership of European Commission Vice President Kroes is key to leading positive change.

- The Irish presidency of the European Union from January to June 2013 also offers an ideal opportunity to share the FIT experience first hand with fellow Europeans.

'Labour markets are not static, and policies can "shape" demand, rather than merely respond to it.' Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Lives - A Strategic Approach to Skills Policies - OECD 2012.

FIT sees immense opportunity across Europe to "shape" demand. We live in an age where technology is creating new occupations that did not exist five years ago. We live in an age where employers cannot fill ICT related vacancies alongside labour markets with very high unemployment, especially youth unemployment.

The FIT experience shines a bright light in a dark period for Europe - like the olympic torch it needs to be passed from hand to hand and to add to the collective European wisdom on how to turn around the current economic and social crisis and crucially to make the lives of its citizens better quickly.

FabianneRuggier's picture
Submitted by FabianneRuggier on Sat, 2012-06-16 13:40

The Government of Malta has brought stakeholders in 1 entity - including businesses, education institutions and government entities to synchronize efforts and action plans. Through curricular changes and extra-curricular/promotional activities within education institutions and with students, educators, parents and Counsellors we are increasing interest in ICT careers and educational pathways. A policy action recommendable to other member states!

ian_cli's picture
Submitted by ian_cli on Sun, 2012-06-17 10:50

There ARE projects out there worth highlighting that do create jobs, but they are often driven by local circumstances and are not necessarily replicable. They are likely to have dedicated, motivated, entrepreneurial people behind them, who have seen a local opportunity and taken a risk and run with it. Is it replicable? Perhaps, and therefore worth highlighting, and so I do applaud this initiative to find great examples of job creating projects.

However for me the other side of being entrepreneurial, is being employable. And this is where Telecentres come in - organisations above like FRSI in Poland, and FIT in Ireland, or Telecentres in Spain, Belgium, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania or the UK. In fact all over Europe there are networks of places like those above that help people with ICT skills, and employability, and social engagement, and eGovernment services and social media (see for more information on all of our 36 member organisations). Over the last few years, there has been a constant push to invent new ideas and projects that help people to learn and be empowered by technology, and put simply, just to live in the 21st century. My point is that the solution that is continuously being sought is already out there, in tens of thousands of places across Europe, but has to struggle to reinvent itself when policy changes. This years policy push is around 'creating jobs', and I don't really want to go into a long discussion here about whose responsibility is job creation. While many telecentres do this all the time for new staff and administrators, (and I also don't want to suggest that they don't also have entrepreneurial projects), I don't want them to be overlooked while we look for entrepreneurialism policy examples since as its not their primary purpose.

Following high level policy is a struggle that many telecentre managers and network managers will know only too well. “What is this years policy initiative?” “Who are this years target group?” “What is the hot service everyone is talking about?” The issue for this group of people is that they have a different challenge every day. They have a room full of people who have come to learn about technology, and they only have one tutor available that day, or the broadband is a bit unreliable, or computer number six is playing up (again). They have a room full of people every day, with limited resources. People are attending telecentres because they know they need help and this is where they can get it. Telecentres have waiting lists. They are often just too busy to worry about policy.

This might sound like me having a gigantic moan about resources, but actually I'm just trying to highlight that one of the solutions lies well within reach. Telecentres help people with technology, and this is continuously in huge demand. People don't come to a telecentre in a library or an education establishment or an NGO, because they want to learn about computers per se, but because they want to gain a particular benefit. Employability is a key benefit that many walk through telecentre doors for. There are at least 30,000 of these telecentres across Europe (and globally estimated to be 200,000), helping people every day with employability and other online life needs and benefits. We have developed products like the Employment Toolkit ( and Skillage ( to help telecentres be better at supporting employability.

So this is my point and recommendation. Telecentres are already out there working on the ground with communities and individuals for employability (and it would be very remiss of me not to say that some also support entrepreneurial projects) but the search for things that are new should not miss the long standing places – libraries, adult, community or continuing education establishments, and community technology NGOs - that are well-established, and continuing to do what citizens are looking for every day.

EU Women's picture
Submitted by EU Women on Tue, 2012-06-19 23:43

Telecentre Europe is an amazing network of organizations making a real contribution on the ground to getting more people eskilled and employable in the workforce. Kudos to the organizations and people behind Telecentre Europe, and keep up the far-reaching and worthwhile work, Ian & Co.!!!

lorenzo's picture
Submitted by lorenzo on Mon, 2012-06-18 14:34

In 2003, Barcelona Activa – the local development Agency of the City Council of Barcelona - created "Porta22", a public space in which people could receive professional guidance and training to be more employable , according to labour market requirements (

The singularity of Porta22 was that we created a complete catalogue of those "new jobs" existing in our labour market: under our point of view, it was absolutely necessary to have an updated knowledge of labour market to make a good professional guidance. And existing catalogues (at local but also at European level) were not useful to show the reality of modern labour market.

So, since 2001, we started working hard together with different experts, enterprises, Universities and professional association ( to make a qualitative analysis of our labour market and identify those new skills required and new jobs existing.

At the same time, we developed many interactive tools to help people to better orient themselves in this modern and unknown labour market.

New jobs and new cultures of work were the main topics of Porta22.

During some years, all these digital contents were only available in an Intranet: so people came to Porta22, used these contents and consumed this information. Once in Porta22, they also could use our presencial services, like personalized guidance, training for skills development, for example.

In last 9 years our model was evolving but the essence of the ideas was the same: to know well the demand to better guide and train the supply.

Currently, all our contents and tool are available (also in English) at ; as you can see, in section "Market" ( ) we achieved a catalogue of about 1.000 job descriptions (new jobs or traditional jobs) which is our map of the demand.

People can move themselves inside of this map using different coordinates: study levels, interests, skills... and compare their professional profile with every job description. Additionally, for every job description, they can see if some offer is available, in real time.

In this way people can identify existing opportunities and really understand if their professional profile is hi or low employable in current labour market.

Moreover, many courses are available in Porta22 to better fit professional profile of our users to labour market requirements.

Some courses are oriented to upgrade professional competencies of our users, depending, of course, of their qualification level and their professional objective ( )

Other courses are oriented to develop soft skills of our users: a very critical element for employability in current labour market ( soft skills )

In last period, we have been developing a new tool to better contribute to the matching of demand and supply. It is a sort of "open data" of professional characteristics of our clients: different interactive tools help them to standardize their CV (including Interests and soft skills) and, once they authorize Barcelona Activa, these data are available for those enterprises which need to hire people ( ).

In this way, through ICT, we are offering a complete career service: from initial guidance (we work with 80% of young students of Barcelona), to training and to access to job opportunities.

But, in the other hand, this system will help us to better know our demand and supply needs: and this very strategic knowledge could be extremely useful in the short, medium and long period in order to correct demand and supply mismatch.

Porta22 was transferred to other territories: to Mataró city, in Catalonia, to Bidasoa Region, in Basque Country, to the Spanish Ministry of Labour and, recently, we started a transfer process to the Provincia di Roma, Italy.

Kate Barnes's picture
Submitted by Kate Barnes on Tue, 2012-06-19 17:08

The Microsoft Imagine Cup,, the world’s largest student technology competition, empowers young people to use technology to find solutions to real world issues, and to stay connected to the global marketplace. This programme has supported and developed digital champions that showcase how digital skills can be applied in the marketplace for sustainable good. The 350,000 applicants from 183 countries in 2011 demonstrates the size of interest young people have in new technologies when applied to broad global challenges.

 Team Hermes, Ireland, 2011 Winner – automotive monitoring system to help reduce road accidents and increase driver safety. Team went on to create a Startup called CleverMiles based on their project:,
 Team GINA, Czech Republic, 2010 Finalist – interactive mobile device mapping software which was used in Haiti after the earthquake to combat cholera epidemic:

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Imagine Cup Grants program, a three-year, $3 million competitive grant program for student technology and social entrepreneurs was awarded. The grant winning teams invented solutions that address issues, such as accessibility, health and education, and use technologies that include Kinect for Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Bing Maps and more. The grant packages include $75,000 (U.S.) for each team, as well as software, cloud computing services, solution provider support, and access to local resources such as the Microsoft Innovation Centers to really help get the businesses off the ground!

Kate Barnes's picture
Submitted by Kate Barnes on Wed, 2012-06-20 15:31

Microsoft Students to Business addresses the skills and experience gap in 108 countries where talent and demand are brought together through an extensive work experience initiative.

The program provides a scalable online matching platform for students to gain professional experience with technology SMEs. Empowering SMEs with the next generation of student technologists whilst at the same time narrowing the professional skills gap for early stage career starters. Local businesses communicate the competency requirements for new talent, evaluate the skills of students ready for an entry-level job and collaborate with local education institutions to provide the curriculum and training needed to ensure students are prepared to meet the innovation needs of company’s around the globe.

In the last year 38 821 students have been trained for skills needed across Europe, extending to a total of 24 European countries which helps to encourage students to activate a career in IT.

Frank Harris's picture
Submitted by Frank Harris on Sun, 2012-08-05 03:21

In this way, through ICT, we are offering a complete career service: from initial guidance (we work with 80% of young students of Barcelona), to training and to access to job opportunities.

But, in the other hand, this system will help us to better know our demand and supply needs: and this very strategic knowledge could be extremely useful in the short, medium and long period in order to correct demand and supply mismatch.

Porta22 was transferred to other territories: to Mataró city, in Catalonia, to Bidasoa Region, in Basque Country, to the Spanish Ministry of Labour and, recently, we started a transfer process to the Provincia di Roma, Italy.

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Submitted by Straus on Tue, 2012-08-14 07:03

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Submitted by JacintaArcadia on Fri, 2012-11-09 13:49

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tek20's picture
Submitted by tek20 on Thu, 2013-01-10 11:29

What is innovation about? It is about real life implementation. Innovation can already been considered as such if it is taken into the real world. At this stage we need more innovation, large scales pilots implemented in practice, living labs from which we can learn and build upon. Is the European Commission opposed to market-oriented projects? Do we believe more in markets or in reports?


Digital Agenda Assembly engagement
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