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Project training the unemployed in the use of ICT

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Submitted by Ricard_Faura on Wed, 2012-06-13 19:53

In Catalonia, we’ve recently developed the project named “Connecta’t”, which has been a collaboration between the Employment Service of Catalonia and the Department of Telecommunication and Information Society. The aim of the project is to offer to working people at an unemployment situation a digital literacy program to enable them acquire basic digital competences to improve their work search process.
This program has offered two training modalities:
Module A: introduction to the computing environment (15 hours)
Module B: skills for the job search (10 hours)
These training courses have been taught at some centers of the catalan telecentre network, the Xarxa Punt TIC, which includes libraries, community centers as well as advanced ICTs points.
As said, the main objective of this program is to offer the basic digital skills to improve the job search process of unemployed people, namely: acquire basic computing skills, create and use a text document, create and use an e-mail account, surf on the Internet, develop a curriculum vitae and a cover letter, perform a job search using Internet job sites.
The target is working people registered unemployed in labor offices and who want to optimize their job search process.
By now, 591 courses have been taught, with a total amount of 5353 students, 4631 persons transferred from labor offices and 3512 certificates issued.

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Submitted by AxelS on Thu, 2012-06-14 00:38

This is a great story Ricard - how many of the unemployed have found a job afterwards? I'd be interested to compare notes as we did something similar.

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Submitted by Ricard_Faura on Thu, 2012-06-14 10:19

hello Axel, we are currently starting this analysis, when we want to share the well. For now, if we are the index of satisfaction of participants and was 8 of 10, which I consider very high

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Submitted by ian_cli on Thu, 2012-06-14 11:09

Hi Ricard,
Its great to see the details of your telecentre network activity. This is the exactly the sort of activity that takes place in telecentre networks right across europe, (although Ricard and the spanish telecentres in general, are one of the really good examples) but measuring longitudinal impact is a difficult thing to do (as people tend to disconnect from the support of a telecentre when they find work), but Telecentre-Europe is involved with a project run by IPTS, looking at exactly this area. MIREIA - Measuring Impact of eInclusion Actors - will look at identifying a framework for systematically measuring the various types on impact, be that economic, social, civic, or employment impacts so that there is a consistent framework that could be applied across Europe. there is more information here, but its early days.

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Submitted by Ricard_Faura on Thu, 2012-06-14 20:27

Thanks Ian!
I know the project and I think as you. The project is going on the line how the priority that should be important to the future network of telecentres. At the moment I'm starting to design a new edition of Connect, we improve the problems identified so far.

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Submitted by clara.centeno@e... on Mon, 2012-06-18 09:46

Dear Ricard,
Congratulations for this initiative and the impressive results.
Based on your experience, would it make sense to develop at EU level a kind framework on "Digital competence for employability", not only including skills for looking for a job, but also skills "generally demanded" by employers?
Clara Centeno

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