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A multi-stakeholder CSR platform for the ICT sector?

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Submitted by nedelma on Thu, 2012-09-13 14:20

A warm welcome to everybody joining the group on Corporate Social Responsibility!
We would like to hear your thoughts on the creation of a multi-stakeholder platform on CSR for the ICT sector. Is there a need for one in the first place? What are the most important CSR issues in the ICT sector which need to be addressed?

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Submitted by Iria Coello on Thu, 2012-09-27 18:47

Hello everyone, I really think the ICT sector has a leading role in developing CRS issues.
I would like to highlight two topics: digital inclusion and energy efficiency.
In my company we have had very rewarding experiences of corporate volunteer projects to enhance digital literacy.
In my company we have been working in projects regarding digital inclusion and

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Submitted by jiri.prusa on Thu, 2012-12-27 08:10

Hello everyone,

I agree with the need to highlight CSR in ICT and I would like to share some best practice and ideas from the Czech Republic.

CZ.NIC Association broadcasted a short educational movies "Jak na Internet" (What´s Internet). In total, 40 short (2 minutes) movies were broadcasted in public TV in order to increase awareness raising in various topics related with Internet, such us: rules for a good password, using internet maps, secure use of social networks... You can find more information on The movie is available only in Czech language, but in case of your interest, we are ready to share them and help with the translation.

The another idea is follows: for more than 6 years I´m insterested in bridging digital divide projects in Africa. I think, is another example for CSR. If you are insterested in these projects, please, feel free to contact me (


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