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Independant workers and founds to develop innovation

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Submitted by quicksilv on Wed, 2013-01-09 14:22

Well first of all it may be tricky to forecast a shortage in the ICT field, knowing that this domain evolves very very quickly and can take unexpected developments (I m thinking of the mobile apps field which could kill the internet diversity in newspapers competition, by decreasing the number of available sources and only limiting choices to few sources - those provided by the apps).

As for bridging the gap between the need for ICT workers and the supply, I think that the answer revolves around 2 points :
- having an appealing autonomous status for these workers. Indeed lots of young workers in the ICT field are "gifted" and want to manage their carreer on their own : hence their wish to become independent. In my country (France) the government has created 2 main statuses for freelancers : 'auto-entrepreneuriat' ( and 'portage salarial' (,portage-salarial,...).
- encourage innovation, through European financial help to innovative start ups (lots of young people have a project in mind but might be reluctant to develop it unless public funds help them)

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Submitted by rebentisch on Wed, 2013-01-16 14:23


I would start with media diversity promotion where it is most needed, for instance in radio broadcasting. An Impala study demonstrated that music markets are not cross-border. I'd like to get a quota for Portuguese, Latvian produced music etc. in my public radio.

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