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ICT also to help people to find a job

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Submitted by lorenzo on Mon, 2012-06-18 14:42

The ICT sector is creating jobs despite the crisis... But, at the same time, ICT are helping a lot of people to find job: digital tools for professional guidance, updated information about labour market, social media… make people more effective in their processes to find a job.
In Barcelona we are working hard to take advantage of ICT and apply them to our employment programmes. You can see our work at (english version is available)
Between thousand of contents and digital applications, please have a look to our "demand mapping": about 1.000 job descriptions - updated every year - with job offers updated in real time. By the other hand, we are collecting complete datas of our users' skills and competences, in order to make a qualitative matching between demand and supply.
Without ICT it could not be possible!

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Submitted by stylianosm on Mon, 2012-06-18 15:29

This is very interesting, Lorenzo.
With what mechanisms do you maintain and update the job descriptions? Inhouse or with a crowdsourced approach?

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Submitted by lorenzo on Wed, 2012-06-20 14:04

Thank you very much, Stylianos, for your post. Our methodology is based on a collaborative approach. We work together with our "Knowledge Network", composed by Enterprises, Professional associations, Universities. Many Partners that contribute to the update of our catalogue of job descriptions. You can have a look to the list of our Partners at: (English version of this list will be available in English soon!) Thank you again, Stylianos.

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Submitted by clara.centeno@e... on Mon, 2012-06-18 15:32

Very interesting initiative indeed! In your detail post you mention that Porta22 has and is being transferred to other cities in Spain and also to the Provincia di Roma in Italy. That is really relevant at EU level. What are opportunities and the major challenges associated to such transfers that local actors need to care for?

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Submitted by lorenzo on Wed, 2012-06-20 14:06

Thank you very much, Clara, for your post.
In my opinion, the first challenge is a "cultural" challenge: employment programmes and policies are a shared challenge between public and private sector: educations, employment, training, private sector have to work closer because the complexity of the labour market is higher than some years ago... people need carreer services more than classic employment services, able to give a wide range of solution to unemployed and employed people.
But by the other hand, of course, the availability of economic resources for implement effective employment services is the current worry of public sector...
Thank you again, Clara.

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