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Cloud Storage Privacy - What's Really At Stake

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Submitted by aserocarmela on Mon, 2012-05-14 23:14

Here is an interesting article to discuss a bit about privacy, current practices among some cloud storage service providers and which provisions should EU policy take into account.

Cloud Storage Privacy - What's Really At Stake

The article compare current privacy policy adopted by
Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox consumer cloud services.

It then points out that
"The truly slippery issue, though, isn't the services' own policies, but how they deal law enforcement, government agencies and lawyers in civil cases. All the storage providers say they will hand over files if required to by law, but they don’t commit to telling affected customers. This makes it possible for vendors to follow law enforcement requests to keep their actions secret, but is a red flag for privacy advocates."

Further reading:

Do you think there is EU intervention needed in this area to protect EU citizens and businesses rights? What kind of EU intervention (or no intervention) do you see as more appropriate and why?

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Submitted by Engberg on Mon, 2012-05-14 23:47

This is only the surface of a massive problem.

The fundamental fact is that cloud is without data security or any security for that matter.

E.g. Google is not only a threat to consumers but to companies and everybody who expose their operations to cloud systems. Fact is that Google knows more about most compeanies than they do themselves as Google profilling of corporare customers and much more invasive than the corporates can do themselves.

Exposing citizens, companies and public institutions to cloud would represent what shjould most likely be considered the most massive shift of power balances in world history.

The problem is not only technical or some "light" privacy uneasiness, but massive concentration of power that will destabilise society unless prevented.

That is UNLESS there is an appropriate shift in security meassures that depart from oldstyle perimeter security towards a paramerized isolation of all transactions so they cannot be releted to realworld objects - human, organisational or technical.

There has to be very strict requirements in order to ensure that controls are keept not only outside cloud, but at the edge of networks.

In short, virtualise all objects/subjects outside cloud per transaction. Encrypt all data that is not readily put online with keys NOT available to cloud or server systems.

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Submitted by prokopas on Tue, 2012-05-15 22:42

EU could surely act proactively by protecting user's privacy or through Enisa by regulating or just addressing privacy issues.
However end user should first ask herself what is she storing at the cloud and what can she do to protect her data.

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Submitted by JacintaArcadia on Wed, 2012-05-16 10:06

The Alchemy of the Cloud for EU Parliament!

I propose a challenge for Digital Agenda Assembly and EU Parliament and International Governments to consider!

Allow me to have the operating-stage of the EU Parliament's Cloud for 1 Day! Or at least, an old fashioned Conference Digital Round Table Event!

Offer me & my Newtork of Content Creators & Artists & Thinkers from all over the World, the opportunity to show you how:
1 Cloud,
1 Entrepreneur &
1 Idea can offer you in return
1 Billion+ Users,
and possibly help the researches deram come true to turn the research into reality!

Maybe once in the Cloud, together we write new Legislations, showcase Art from everywhere & be a new font of Knowledge with the added bonus of Entertaining your Citizens! Let us put the Cloud to the Test together!

A Cloud can potentially be the answer to your Economic woes & make sweeping changes legally by active observance of Banks and Codes of Conduct instantly, where Governments can truly observe Worlds Best Practices!

To show you how to utilise it for maximum positive outcomes let us tinker with the Research now and create a kind of Alchemy from the experiments.

Let me illustrate further, for example, I have just travelled back from the extraordinary world of The BBC MediaCity North Lab Day in Salford UK, where the BBC hosted an Open Day to Innovators! Whilst there, we were welcomed by exceptionally talented specialists with a lifetime of constant achievements and we were offered total Intellectual Property Protection and the kind opportunity to offer our Innovations directly!

Although, I never got the chance to find Basil Brush or meet The Wombles from my childhood in Australia TV learning, I did get the chance of a Lifetime by sharing all of my Artists with BBC for The Future Media Department.

And, just yesterday, whilst dealing with a Start-Up Entrepreneurial Network Venture Capital Firm from Silicon Valley, they promoted to me the point of proof for multiple avenues for revenue in the future!

I respect the chance to be here with the European Commission and all of the deep investment you have made into research, but unless you prove you own & have & can operate multiple fiscal outcomes such as long term jobs, safe industries, environmental care & nurture & replenishing stocks, you as a symbolic entity cannot promote further investment in one item or area to your Citizens whilst there is an enormous Economic Cloud causing chaos!

So let the EU Parliament be a Technology Lab for One Day & let us test a Cloud together?

I am certain, 100%, I will stake my name on the Cloud being a success! I have always wanted and dreamed of oneday seeing Artists, Scientists, Engineers, Politicians, Designers to Citizens participating together as the ultimate Think Tank and Reality Check Event!

We will learn in 1 Day how we can act together to cause an instant benefit, change and create a source which flows your resources fluently for you and your Citizens and an International Audience!

To prove I am right & test out idea open the idea to EU Citizens via email and let us see and hear their response : )

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Submitted by aserocarmela on Fri, 2012-05-18 22:54

'Policies can never replace real security or make problems created go away' the same way as driving rules, speed limits cannot or laws on road maintenance and related responsibilities, can never replace security equipment or a safe conduct when driving. However, those rules and laws help in avoiding chaos and in creating a safer environment, don't they?

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Submitted by Engberg on Sat, 2012-05-19 12:27

You separate trafic on Highways because the risks are getting way beyon accetable. The same goes for servers and especially cloud where we move to space-travel.

The only regulation that is in any acceptable or sustainable way going to secure cloud is to maintan the total ban on personal data (realworld linkage) in cloud. The rest on SLAs etc. are details in the bigger picture.

Cloud is space-travel with lots of benefits, but there is not security - only isolation can secure this space. You do not put data in cloud that you cannot accept seeing on the open internet with your worse enemy or competitor. You do not put data on customers, citizens or critical partners in cloud as you are 100% unable to manage this risk and liability.

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Submitted by Engberg on Sat, 2012-05-19 12:31

Shift it positively - enable virtualisation and isolation OUTSIDE cloud to enable cloud.

Stop trying to claims security in sopmething that can never be there, trust in something that can never be trustworthy or acceptance in something that can never be sustainable.

Dont do toxic polution and then try to mange the damage - avoid the polution in the first place. We already have seen huge scaled failures of both criminal and commercial character.

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