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Another context: Science 2.0

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Submitted by nabeth.thierry on Thu, 2012-04-26 21:52

Here is another context that would be worth to take into consideration and which is related to the use of social media to support science.
This is what can be referred to as Science 2.0.

This is an area that is open and that has built its own social network. It other words it is not yet "colonized by Facebook". (other sector is job search).
This area can also be considered as a critical component for innovation (in Europe). It is also an area that is relatively rich in terms of models (social networks, open publishing, etc.)

Examples of social networks:
* Mendeley
* ResearchGate
* mysciencework


I feel embarrassed to post so much.
I hope I do not introduce too much noise in this discussion.
On the other hand I believe it is important that our community produce enough material to as to inform the elaboration of a strategy.

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Submitted by nabeth.thierry on Wed, 2012-05-09 11:27

Analyzing and Improving Collaborative eScience with Social Networks (eSoN 12)
Workshop to be held with IEEE e-Science 2012
Monday, 8 October 2012, Chicago, IL, USA

Scope of workshop
The topics of interest are, but not limited to, the use of social networks to analyze and improve collaborative eScience:

* The use of social networks and social networking concepts in eScience and eResearch
* Social network applications used for eScience
* Social network based resource sharing and collaboration architectures
* New forms of collaborative computing and resource sharing
* Crowdsourcing of scientific applications using social media
* Social Cloud computing
* Novel applications of digital relationships and trust
* Definition of novel principals, models and methodologies for harnessing digital relationships
* Extraction of implicit social networks from scientific activities (publication, citation and grants)
* Analysis of collaborative scientific activity through social networks

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Submitted by nabeth.thierry on Mon, 2012-05-14 12:33

Good summary article presenting the different SNS available for the scientist.

Social Networks for Scientists
14 May 2012 | by Laurence Bianchini

New social networks and media are improving the connectivity of researchers, engineers, PhD candidates, post-docs, and students. Today, several offer solutions to problems faced by researchers, but are still often considered time consuming. As an online extension of the work of your team or as a catalyst for new collaborations, each of these networks has its own special features.

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